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Eugène Gras:
the fanatical professional

This application consultant has made his hobby his profession.
Software could easily be his middle name. Eugène's solutions in software development are creative and he is tenacious when it comes to solving problems. “It's not a matter of whether I can solve particular problems, more a matter of how long it's going to take”, is something Eugène says a lot. The tougher the problem, the happier he is. He totally adores linking non-SAP systems to SAP ones. He is also adept at software development outside SAP in Microsoft environments.

Eugène is one of the true technologists at Seniar and although he is an excellent programmer he always manages to get the best from SAP's standard options in a unique way. “Eugène is a SAP technologist who knows so much about the system that he can talk to staff at any level of a company,” as one of his colleagues describes him. Years of experience in every sector and in every imaginable field along with Eugène's fanatical desire to learn make him a welcome SAP consultant at major corporations, and at small and medium-sized companies.

If he isn't working on software then you can find him with his family or playing tennis. The latter either himself or rooting for his daughters who play a much better game than he does.
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“Roy van Ree is at his best in complex situations”

      Roy van Ree is decisive, process oriented, socially adept and reliable. As a financial lead consultant and project leader with well over 15-years of experience he knows exactly how your wishes can best be translated into practical solutions and reports in SAP. He thereby very often intersects with other SAP modules and third-party applications. His expertise leads to changes which he subsequently manages to communicate and implement across your organisation in an effective, amiable manner. Roy is definitely good at communicating which people at board level, systems administrators and users perceive as exceptionally effective and personable.

Sometimes you have to talk to others to find out who someone is. This may also apply to Roy. According to an immediate colleague he is: “at his best in complex situations and very stringent in his scheduling and agreements”. The people he works with praise him and value his rapid insight and analytic mind. Roy can think at macro level and feels at home at the highest levels of major organisations. Roy is the manager who holds the project's reins and brings people together.
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Seniar SAP consultancy and service

   Experienced process managers, engineers and tried-and-tested consultants support you and your systems administrators to arrive at the optimisation of your financial SAP structure.

Seniar offers/you receive:
Project management
Business consultancy and advice

Optimisation & Redesign:
Auditing, identifying improvements and implementing these optimisations

Functional consultancy:
Comprises all regular consulting activities (preparation, design, implementation, conversion) in the field of SAP

SAP development including ABAP programming and Smart forms
SAP technical administration
SAP upgrades
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Seniar Hosting and SAP administration

      Guarantees, certainties and continuity in your financial SAP structure are possible! Seniar knows how to organise and maintain this for you, and will, moreover, provide guarantees. Experienced professionals consult, implement and optimise:

Seniar offers/you receive:
Solutions to your systems administration problems
Guaranteed continuity for your SAP system
Hosting with optimum availability, security, data recovery and compliance
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Seniar SAP solution tools

      As multidisciplinary consultants for leading companies we always come up with the most suitable, most efficient solutions. Some of these have undergone further development and can now be provided directly to our clients:

Seniar Invoice Scanning
Seniar Administration and monitoring tool

Finance and controlling


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Post to:
P.O. Box 2164
5202 CD ’s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

Valeriaan 3
5236 TM ‘s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

E: info@seniar.nl


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Seniar implements SAP success factor

Seniar is a tightly knit group of three senior SAP experts who are afraid of nothing. And they don't have to be. Years of experience and mutual cooperation have made them who they are today: no-nonsense gentlemen that know how to get things done. They've blown away many an SAP consultant by arguing that SAP isn't a terrible system (it has often merely been poorly implemented). The three have joined forces in Seniar. Daring to deviate in consultancy, they are not 'yes men' and provide a long-awaited breath of fresh air at many companies.
Seniar offers all the solutions the financial SAP industry needs. Provides added value where business and ICT intersect. From carrying out brand new implementations to removing old problems from systems and initiating change processes. From the hardware to systems administration and monitoring. Seniar's methods are straightforward and rapidly become informal. Seniar operates at all levels and can provide everything from macro level down to the last, tiny detail. Whether it be administration, testing or construction, the quality and efficiency remain top flight.
The Seniar staffers' clients come from every possible sector and feature every imaginable service and type of company. Multinationals, hospitals, government bodies at home and abroad; Seniar is acquainted with them all. Seniar is proud of its long-term relationships with clients because these underline its pleasant, successful methods. Thanks to its enormous experience and the knowledge network it has developed, Seniar can tackle any job. Not just substantively, but also as far as scale is concerned. All of this with a single aim: to put the best consultants on the job. Seniar is your guarantee for SAP efficiency.

Reginald ter Hart:
“I never say no”

It is easy to get talking to Reginald ter Hart. About his new car, but also about work; Reginald is the right person to talk to. He is the financial SAP expert in the broadest sense of the word. As an FSCM advisor he manages to make optimum use of dispute management, collection management, credit management, in-house banking and liquidity planning.

Reginald thoroughly enjoys conversions and integration with other modules. He really likes to co-conceptualise new financial processes in relation to the logistics details thereby always remaining true to his motto: ‘Keep It Simple’. Reginald's current job for a major Arab client proves he has plenty of practical experience. He is carrying out the entire financial SAP project process from blueprinting to building, to testing and going live himself. And that for someone who, as a consultant, usually works at management or board level. There are no SAP challenges Reginald avoids or, as he puts it: “I never say no”.

Reginald is from an entrepreneurial family something that also characterises his life, as besides his entrepreneurship as part of Seniar, he also owns two gyms where he 'has fun' with marketing and finance. And, as with many other fathers, Reginald's daughter is the most important thing in his life.  

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Mark van den Broek,
Seniars international

Although Mark is also the team leader at football, the 'international' above is to do with Mark's experience with SAP. This business economist has been working as a SAP FI-CO consultant and project leader for the past fifteen years. He acquired country-specific SAP knowledge during the many major SAP implementations he was worked on in, among other countries, England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Estonia and the U.S.. “Mark is great to collaborate with, you can leave things to him,” so says one of his immediate colleagues.

Mark excels as a team player and 'bridge builder', and is capable of effectively controlling and coordinating change processes. His integral knowledge of financial processes in sectors such as production, service, trade, (semi)government, pharmaceutics and utility make him widely applicable. At Seniar, Mark takes on logistics processes and also loves to optimise financial reports. And because speeding up decision making processes is one of Mark's qualities he is Seniar's sales account manager. Mark is married with three children and enjoys sports. He also has many other pursuits including enjoying culinary delights.
van den Broek
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John Eberson, SAP administration tool inventor and converter of databases into SAP

     At Seniar, John Eberson is our man for hardware, operating systems, databases and the technical installation of SAP. John: “I help clients set up their administration system using SAP, monitor and solve problems, including the optimisation of the system.”

John started out and made his name as a technical SAP troubleshooter some 13 years ago. Clients have not forgotten him and his references constitute a list to be proud of. John always found a solution to acute problems wherever he had to work in the world and however serious the technical issues. Nowadays he prefers to port old databases into SAP databases and has acquired a great deal of experience doing so. In his opinion using an SAP database has nothing but advantages: fewer FTEs, fewer back-ups, lower licensing costs and much more manageable. Factors that ensure that a growing number of organisations want to port their old databases to SAP. At this point in time, John is developing an SAP administration tool. In the future, this will allow Seniar to supervise and monitor SAP administration both technically and functionally. I

In his spare time, John – who is married with two children – loves to read global literature and technology books. He also loves to play tennis.
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